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My first experience with cake express and I must say they lived up to my expectation. Even though the distance was around 17km and at 12 noon they were able to deliver the cake in perfect condition. Will definitely recommend others.
- Aditya Arora
I ordered a photo cake for my 5 years old daughter. It was a photo cake and it was so nice.She liked it very service was also nice...right time delivery...thanks Cake Express team...
- Ashwani Pandey

About Us

Our Cake Express in Gurgaon has been established in the year 2004 and since then we are delivering small and big boxes which are not only filled with spongy and creamy and deliciously exotic cakes but also happiness, love and utmost affection towards our customers and that is what made us grow through these years. Cakes are emotion for most of the foodie and for them who love cakes and pastries over any other food item; for them cakes are heaven and we make this word or expression true by providing lip smacking and finger licking cakes at the most affordable price range.

Gurgaon which is one of the fastest developing cities in India is now recognized as the financial hub as well as the next technology hub of this country and thus there are lots of native as well as people from outside the city and the state who come for work. We cater to these people needs as after a tiring day at work, when you are not interested in celebrating your birthday, but your friend has ordered a cake from us, we try to make a cake which will be only for you, customized according to your preferences and flavors you like. Isn’t that really great? Indeed it is and of course not just because we are baking it but see how much your friend cares for you. This is why Cake Express believes that cakes are a symbol of love and affection. This little gesture of baking a cake just for you shows how special you are to your friend and our birthday cakes just add on to the happiness a little more. We always want our customers to cherish each and every day of their life fully and thus we prepare regular cakes as well which you can come to our shop and relish upon or order for online cake delivery in Gurgaon option on our site.

We at Gurgaon which is now known as Gurugram trying to spread our deliveries across the city and we currently deliver almost at all the corners of the city. Since the city hardly sleeps as the MNCs run 24*7, we are also awake at midnight to deliver your favorite cake at such a point in time at night. What if while working you feel like having a dark chocolate cake with lots of waffles on it? Don’t worry just call on the number given on our website and order and we’ll be there at your doorstep or any place that you mention with the cake.

With our fresh ingredients chosen from the best places in the city and outside we assure you a cake of exotic quality which you have to cherish throughout the life once you eat. We blend the ingredients in such a fashion that nothing seems unfit or a poor match in the cake. We not only blend the ingredients but our love and passion for food as well which makes our cakes great and your love makes them greater and thus we are always grateful to you.


Cakes are for every person who loves to eat them and thus we at cake Express have the vision to make our baking of cakes so delicious and unique that everybody whether 8 or 80 years old can relish and have their own favorite type of cakes. We also take care of the quality of the cake in the first place. You might be thinking that to provide different tastes and flavors, we add something which is harmful to your health but we assure you that we don’t. Our vision is to cater the love of food, love for people and friends and thus we bake cakes. We don’t want to compromise on our quality and that is what we aim at. We believe in making cakes that are appetizing yet healthy and no one feels uncomfortable for the excess of sugar or cream and we don’t do anything over the top just to make sure everyone is completely comfortable with our cakes. We want to bake cakes that would be luscious and mouth-watering and we are here to deliver all the day round as well as night.


Our mission behind forming Cake Express and baking cakes for the people of Gurgaon is plain and simple and that is we want to be the most popular cake shop amongst every age group of cake lovers in Gurgaon. If you love cake then you should love us and order from us, that is what we are looking for and we hope with our premium quality cakes, this would be possible in the near future.


Do you have an Anniversary but you are away from home and your wife is at Gurgaon home? Are you thinking how to surprise her even without being present physically? You can now give your brain a little rest as you have dropped at the correct platform as we can deliver her favorite cake, flowers and any gift that you would choose from the entire range of gift items we have to her at your doorstep exactly on 12 O’ clock. How is that? Isn’t that really exciting? We are looking forward to making your life better with all our products and thus we have an assortment of flowers of different origin and fragrance along with different types of gift items beside the delicious cakes which we bake.


You can order cake wherever you are craving for some luscious, lip-smacking, tasty and scrumptious cakes, even if its midnight, you can call us up at the place an online order. We will be there within few hours as we provide midnight cake delivery services in Gurgaon as well. You just have to order and we will be ready to bake and deliver cake as we love cake deliver in Gurgaon as people here have so much love for cakes.

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